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Company Profile

Bruker AXS stands for high-technology and high quality standards. We develop and manufacture sophisticated analytical X-ray systems for applications in life science, lab and process automation and material analysis. We define technological trends to develop new applications. We offer turn-key solutions.

Partnership with customers

Our solutions are based on the needs of our customers. Global presence ensures competent local support. Reliability and continuity is the basis for a long term relationship.

Team work

Cooperation of all employees is the basis of our success. We operate based on objectives developed out of our self understanding, our visions and our strategies. Our leadership and attitude goals give us direction and determine the rules for the team work.

Individual Attitude

Every employee understands his/her role in the organization. A sense of ownership drives his/her thinking and actions. His/her personality is characterized by the willingness to learn and adapt to changing needs.

Economic Success ensures the future of the business

We are striving for healthy profitability to allow investments in future innovation and business growth and to satisfy the shareholders requirements.

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