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Multisizer 4 Coulter Counter
The Multisizer 4, the latest COULTER COUNTER designed with the SMART and DPP technologies, offers highly accurate and reliable pa...

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DelsaMax Series - Particle Analyzers
With unprecedented speed, the flexibility to analyze the lowest sample volumes available, and a level of precision and accuracy yo...

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Multisizer 3 Coulter Counter
The Multisizer 3 is the next generation in particle sizing and counting. The most versatile particle sizing and counting analyser availa...

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Vi-CELL® XR Cell Viability Analyzer
The Vi-CELL Series Cell Viability Analyzers provide an automatic and cost effective means to perform the trypan blue dye exclusion method....

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Company Profile

Founded by Caltech professor Arnold O. Beckman in 1935 as National Technical Laboratories to commercialize a pH meter that he had invented. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is dedicated to empowering discovery and scientific breakthroughs. The company’s global leadership and world-class service and support delivers sophisticated instrument systems, reagents and services to life science researchers in academic and commercial laboratories, enabling new discoveries in biology-based research and development. Beckman Coulter has long been an innovator in particle characterization, known around the globe for the Coulter Principal.

Improving the effectiveness of Life Science researchers, Beckman Coulter products have long lead the path with our companions in pharmaceutical production, and related industrial markets. Spanning the Multisizer, Z Series Coulter Counter, LS13320 laser diffraction, and ViCELL cell viability products, Beckman has been a pioneer in particle science.