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In 1932 Angelantoni Industrie started its activity in the refrigeration sector, and over the years, became renowned in three main industrial fields :

Since 1952 and under the ACS brand, Angelantoni Industrie has introduced world-wide environmental test chambers for all types of tests on materials, components, and finished products. ACS brand has always been associated with vast experience and flexibility in customized solutions, with undisputed expertise in technologies, gained also through tight cooperation with research institutions, universities, and industrial partners. ACS brand has now a strong leadership in the aerospace sector, the most challenging environment for simulation: after the first space simulator in 1988, Angelantoni Industrie became one of the three leading international manufacturers, and a supplier for the most important space research centers testing satellites and satellite parts. With the acquisition of two companies, in France and in Germany, the testing sector currently consists of 3 Business Units:

- Environmental test chambers (ACS brand)
- Electrodynamic shakers (TIRA brand)
- Test benches and crash test systems for the automotive and aerospace (BIA brand)

The cold equipment for healthcare and biotechnology has received a considerable boost thanks to Research & Development activity. In 1961 Angelantoni introduced in Europe the first mechanical freezer capable of running
below -100C. Angelantoni Industrie, under the AS brand name, has marketed some extremely innovative systems, such as HEMOSAFE for preserving and remotely distributing blood bags and SMARTFREEZER a robotic cryobank
operating at -80C and -180C. In 2008 with the acquisition of STERIL, the Group has entered in the field of laminar flow cabinets and non contamination equipment.

In the Solar Concentration technology, the subsidiary Archimede Solar Energy SpA produces 550C molten salts receiver tubes for thermodynamic solar power plants (Archimede project), based on ENEA technology. Angelantoni Industrie is working also in the concentrated photovoltaic field and Kenosistec in the thin film coating equipment for the production of CdTe photovoltaic panels.

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