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contrAA® 600 — High Resolution Cont...
The contrAA ® 600 combines the high precision of the transverse heated graphite furnace with all advantages of the High-Resolut...

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SPECORD® PLUS means reliability, user friendliness and flexibility for precise, very easy and versatile UV/Vis analysis. Hig...

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multi EA® 5000
multi EA ® 5000 C, N, S, Cl elemental analyzer – experience tomorrow’s technology today. The multi EA ® 5000 represents a new genera...

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ZEEnit 700 P
ZEEnit 700 P – compact tandem spectrometer for flame, hydride and graphite furnace technique with a "plus" of functions. The ZEEnit 70...

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multi N/C® 3100 TOC analyzer
multi N/C ® 3100 – suitable for all samples, no matter whether ultra-pure water or waste water. This is made possible by the combinat...

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Company Profile

Quality is the Difference
Analytik Jena has a long tradition in developing high quality and precision analytical systems which dates back to the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss. Today, Analytik Jena is one of the most innovative manufacturers of analytical instrumentation technology for industrial and scientific applications in the fields of Environment, Life Science, Chemical Industry and Energy.

Its core competencies include AAS, TOC/TN, TOX and Elemental anayzer (S/N/Cl) as well as UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Karl-Fischer-Titrator, and antioxidant analyzer.

In our business, we are one of the few corporations worldwide being able to offer laboratory projects in their entirety.

Premium Quality
The name Analytik Jena stands for premium quality and highly precise analytical instruments. This means well-conceived concepts and no compromises in technology.

Innovation - Made in Germany
Various production and development sites throughout Germany ensure reliable state-of-the-art technology, continouos improvement and development for highly efficient and practical analytical measuring technology.