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3M™ Empore™ C18-SD 1ml Cartridge
Functional groups, such as octyl (C8) and octadecyl (C18), can be bonded to the silica surface to provide non polar interactions....

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3M™ Empore™ C18 47 mm Disk
3M Bioanalytical's Empore ci8 47mm Disk - Commonly used for the solid phase extraction of analytes from complex sample matrices. ...

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Empore™ Accessory Filter Aid 400
Empore Filter Aid 400 has been shown to improve flow rates and recoveries for separation and filtration of water samples containing suspen...

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Empore™ Accessory Sealing Tape Pad ...
Empore TM Tape Pads are intended for sealing unused portions of a 96-well solid phase extraction plate during vacuum processing to enabl...

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Empore™ Accessory Replacement Gaske...
Replacement gaskets are available with the vacuum manifold assembly.  The gasket can become worn over time and the seal between the ...

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Company Profile

3M Bioanalytical delivers technology that improves efficiency for healthcare professionals and allows better patient care

3M produces an extensive product range for Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), a widely used technique for the isolation and concentration of analytes from liquid samples to achieve increased sensitivity in the analytical process. Empore solid phase extraction membranes offer an innovative solution to environmental and bioanalytical sample preparation problems.

3M believe that nothing should be allowed to stand between our people and a brilliant idea that could make life easier, healthier, safer and more productive for people everywhere.
Innovative 3M technologies range from the adhesives and abrasives with which we have been associated for over 100 years, to some life-changing new breakthroughs in, for example, nanotechnology, light management and pharmaceuticals.

3M are very proud of their reputation as an ethical company and value their relationships with all stakeholders. 3M are committed to contributing to sustainable development through social
responsibility, environmental protection and economic progress.