SelectScience® Reviews Program

The SelectScience® Reviews Program is the smartest way to proactively collect reviews on your products and services.

Reviews generate x4 more qualified sales leads and x10 more product awareness, as 96% scientists use reviews to make buying decisions.

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Invite Customers to Review

Generate more reviews with less effort. We produce tailor-made feedback emails for you to send to your customers, in order to collect most reviews.

Build Brand Trust

Your customers are your most powerful brand advocates; it's what they say that defines your reputation and business success.

Showcase your best reviews on SelectScience®, on your own website and in your campaigns.

  • x4 more sales leads
  • x10 product awareness

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Be seen by rising to the top of search results. Our reviews and ratings are highly optimized for organic search results, and display as star-rating 'rich-snippets' on Google.

User-generated content is highly desirable to both users and internet search engines.

Empower Customer Collaboration

Identify your best customers and invite them to share their scientific success with others through additional Editorial opportunities.

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