Variable Temperature Cell Holder

Manufacturer Specac Ltd

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The Variable Temperature Cell Holder is the ideal accessory to use for the transmission study of liquid or solid samples over a broad range of temperatures. The cell consists of a vacuum jacket that contains a refrigerant dewar/cell holder assembly and a heating block that contains the appropriate cell, and allows variable temperature over the range from -190°C to 250°C.

NaCl windows are provided as standard on the cell holder, but a range of other UV, Vis, NIR and Infared transmitting window materials are also available.

This transmission cell holder is designed for use with Specac’s Advanced Liquid or Solid Transmission Cells, Spectroelectrochemical Cell, or High Pressure Liquid Cell. The cell holder is installed into an optical spectrometer sample compartment either via the 3"" x 2"" slide mounting plate, or with a Benchmark™ baseplate.