Sirius Single Tube Luminometer

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Sirius luminometer measures standard glow chemistry of single samples from a variety of sample formats.

For flash chemistry, and to make operation more convenient, the instrument can be formatted with one or two built-in automatic reagent injectors. In stand-alone mode, the built-in microprocessor software supports four protocols for data evaluation, including background subtraction capabilities and replicate management, as well as printer output.

Sirius Benefits:

  • Built in Printer
  • Up to Two Automated Reagent Injectors
  • Safe Operation through Sample Presence Detection Sirius Applications
  • Single and Dual Reporter Gene Assays - Immunoassays
  • ATP Assays
  • DNA Probe Assays
  • Phagocyte Function Assays
  • Quantification of PCR Products

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Sirius Single Tube Luminometer

Manufacturer Titertek-Berthold (Berthold Detection Systems GmbH)

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews