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Your Field Emission SEMs for High Quality Imaging and Advanced Analytical Microscopy.

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The ZEISS Sigma family combines field emission SEM (FE-SEM) technology with an excellent user experience.

Structure your imaging and analysis routines and increase productivity with Sigma’s intuitive 4-step workflow. You’ll capture more data, faster than ever before.

Choose from a variety of detector options to tailor Sigma precisely to your applications: you can image particles, surfaces, nanostructures, thin films, coatings and layers.

With the Sigma family you enter the world of high-end imaging: Sigma 300 delivers excellence in price and performance while Sigma 500’s best-in-class EDS geometry delivers superb analytical performance.

Count on accurate, reproducible results – from any sample, every time.

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Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy  |  Available Worldwide

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