PrimeTech PMM-150FU by Sutter Instrument Co.

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PrimeTech PMM-150FU
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PrimeTech PMM was adapted for use in mouse in 1995 (Kimura and Yanagimachi, 1995), and since then has become the gold standard for mouse nuclear transfer and ICSI.

The PMM-150FU harnesses the "piezoelectric effect": the tiny, but extremely rapid distortion of a piezoelectric crystal lattice when an electrical current is applied to it. This causes the micropipette holder, which is placed in direct contact with the piezo element to vibrate. Two modes of piezo "drilling" are available with the PMM-150FU: A continuous train of pulses of desired frequency and amplitude are used to vibrate the micropipette, gently penetrating the zona pellucida of an oocyte or embryo, then a single pulse, again of desired amplitude, is used to break the oolemma and inject the oocyte. This approach makes it possible to achieve up to 100% survival of injected oocytes.

Included in the PrimeTech PMM-150FU:

• XenoWorks Micromanipulator-specific micropipette holder clamp
• PrimeTech factory warranty
• Full technical support for peizo impact applications.

Features of the PrimeTech PMM-150FU:
• Smooth insertion of microcapillary into elastic cell membrane
• Precise movement of micromanipulator within range of travel
• Inertial force from piezo-electric control minimizes damage of elastic biomembranes
• High resolution and precise positioning (minimum controllable dimensions)
• Compact design