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Plate Auditor

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The Brooks Plate Auditor™ is specifically designed for the detection and classification of features unique to HTS compound libraries. Plate Auditor uses vision technology to identify empty wells / wells with insufficient volume of liquid compound sample, wells with colored compounds and wells with compound precipitation.

Key Features
• Identification of wells containing undesirable ‘features’ – reduce wasted costs associated with screening wells with insufficient volume, precipitate or compounds whose color may interfere with the assay readout

• Allows periodic “health” checks of stored compounds – check for precipitate formation, evaporation or sample degradation (color changes)

• Standalone or automated operation – avoids labor-intensive manual QA/QC of your compound library and allows identification of issues with compound plates before screening, either on a plate by plate basis or as part of an automated system

• Integrates with your existing HTS automation and LIMS infrastructure - eliminates tedious QA/QC of compound plates by laboratory staff and allows automated updates of compound management databases with real-time information on compound quality

• Non-destructive / non-contact measurement – avoids the need for wasteful sub-sampling and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination

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