PatchMAX 100A Automated Patch Manipulator by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

PatchMAX 100A Automated Patch Manipulator by AutoMate Scientific Inc. product image
PatchMAX 100A Automated Patch Manipulator
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Incredibly small footprint:

This patent-pending design has an 8" x 8" footprint; it is the smallest multifunction patch clamp system available.  The automated patch clamping system replaces the microscope and the manipulator in the traditional rig. Complete with one automated manipulator, a manual XY stage, a data acquisition board & control system, and a perfusion chamber with the platform, this system can automatically guide an electrode to make a seal on oocytes, suspended cells and cells on cover slips.

Automatic membrane detection:

The specially designed perfusion chamber guarantees that when oocyte or cells are dropped into the chamber, they always reach the known position. The tip of the pipette can reach this position with an accuracy of 0.05 mm, assuming the tip of the pipette is perfectly concentric. The movement of the patch pipette is controlled by a computer and can be programmed to stop when the tip touches the cell membrane.

High seal success rate:

The pipette positioning system provides widely different approach speeds and proximity criteria, allowing the researcher to fine tune the process for the perfect seal. The computer controlled system eliminates human errors so the success rate of making gigaohm seals using the PatchMAX 100A is over 90%.