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MILLIPLEX MAP EpiQuant Products

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The MILLIPLEX MAP EpiQuant platform unites two powerful technologies – EpiQuant technology with the Luminex xMAP platform – to bring you the most advanced in quantitative cell signaling.

Answering the challenges of multiplex cell signaling, MILLIPLEX MAP EpiQuant allows you to:

  • Design small- or large-plexed panels easily
  • Customize your assay by selecting analytes you want to study
  • Obtain quantitative results at picomolar sensitivities
  • Measure phosphorylation concentrations of multiple sites on the same protein – all in one well
  • Measure both total and phosphoprotein – all in the same well
  • Utilize all the advantages and features associated with the MILLIPLEX MAP assay format

MILLIPLEX MAP EpiQuant Sample Preparation Kit (Catalogue Number: MPEQ-SP)*

A sample prep kit containing all the reagents you need to prepare up to 5 mL of sample lysates, including:

  • Cell lysis
  • Protein denaturing
  • Protein fragmentation

*Kit required to run MILLIPLEX MAP EpiQuant multiplex assays

MILLIPLEX MAP EpiQuant Phosphotyrosine Cell Signaling Panel 1 (Catalogue Number: MPEQ-100K)

  • All the components and reagents you need to simultaneously detect multiple phosphotyrosine sites in a small sample size
  • The ability to choose analytes from different pathways to design a custom kit
  • Standards included to obtain quantitative picomolar-range results
  • Quality controls provided to qualify assay performance
  • Analytically validated panels that yield consistent analyte profiles irrespective of plex size
  • Standardized standard curve ranges across analytes and lots to ensure lot-to-lot consistency
  • Panels that meet stringent manufacturing criteria to ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility

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MILLIPLEX MAP EpiQuant Products by MilliporeSigma product image

MILLIPLEX MAP EpiQuant Products

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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