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LAUDA WK class

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• Reliable
• large selection of models
• compact construction

Circulation chillers with closed cooler circuit for continuous nonstop work in research, technology and production at temperatures from -30 up to 40 °C

LAUDA WK class circulation chillers are used where operating heat has to be discharged reliably and quickly in chemical production processes or from technical systems – in harsh constant use environments. Unlike cooling with tap water, they provide a constant temperature irrespective of the time of year and pressure fluctuations. The water saving also protects the environment and significantly reduces operating costs.

Distinguishing features:
• 37 different models
• Cooling capacity from 230 W to 13 kW
• Independent cooling-water system instead of central cooling-water supply
• LED display and 3-button operation
• Easily visible level display and discharge pressure display from WK 1200
• All devices with submersible pump Below the bench height of 79 cm on units up to WK 2400
• Small footprint

Application examples
• Analytical devices such as electron microscopes, X-ray units, refractometers, distilling systems or AAS units
• Rotary evaporators and Soxhlet systems
• X-ray control systems e.g. at airports and semiconductor systems
• Control of cooling traps e.g. in the drying of gases
• Central cooling water supplies for complete laboratories to replace cooling with tap water