KNAUER Smartline 2500 LWL UV Detector by Kinesis

Manufacturer Kinesis

KNAUER Smartline 2500 LWL UV Detector by Kinesis product image
KNAUER Smartline 2500 LWL UV Detector

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The Smartline UV Detector 2500 with fiber optics is a newly developed HPLC spectrophotometer with detached flow cell. It is suited for measurements in temperature-controlled or hazardous environments.

 It combines the attractive and functional KNAUER Smartline design with our effective photometric detection system. Besides its excellent measuring capabilities this UV detector features small dimensions, robustness, and high flexibility. The detector guarantees optimal performance with high sensitivity, wavelength selectable at any time, and the possibility for "e;e;stop-flow"e;e; spectra recording which is very useful for method development. The Smartline UV Detector 2500 can be controlled with KNAUER ChromGate® or EuroChrom® software, from the front panel touchpad (stand-alone operation), through an analog input or output, or through an open communication protocol.

Important Note: Connecting fiber optics makes spatial separation between the flow cell and detector possible. This enables working with a temperature controlled measuring cell and in harzardous environments.

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