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The innuPREP Forensic Kit - IP has been optimized specifically for InnuPure® C12 and for automated extraction of DNA from forensic samples. These include very small tissue samples, buccal swabs, blood or traces of blood, postage stamps, cigarette butts, finger nails, hair and hair roots, traces of sperm and finger prints on a variety of surfaces. Sample lysis is performed outside of the InnuPure® C12 and exceptionally fast: buccal swabs can be lysed in 10 - 15 minutes and hair and hair roots take just 2 hours. Extraction proceeds automatically once the lysed samples have been transferred to the InnuPure® C12. In the final step, the DNA is eluted into closeable, 1.5 ml reaction tubes, which eliminates an additional pipetting step, as the DNA does not need to be transferred to a suitable storage container.