IFS-125 - FTIR Highest Spectral Resolution

Manufacturer Bruker Optik GmbH

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The IFS 125HR is the ultimate instrument for ultra-high resolution spectroscopy.


In absorption or emission mode, the IFS 125HR can resolve highly complex spectra into discrete lines for recognition and spectral assignment. Combined with the wide spectral range coverage from THz to UV the IFS125HR allows record of any gas phase reference data base that the scientist may need.

Every experiment can access up to 4 different sources and 6 detectors without breaking vacuum. All optical devices are usable through each of the two sample compartment channels. Cube corner interferometer with hybrid scanner construction provides enhanced system stability for the available spectral resolution and guarantees with double-sided interferogram data acquisition (option) symmetric line shapes.

IFS-125 FT-IR Applications:

  • Structure analysis of gaseous molecules at low pressure
  • Determination of molecular dynamics
  • Environmental atmosphere analysis using sun as source
  • Radiative transfer through the atmosphere
  • Single crystal impurities at low temperature
  • Magneto-optical splitting on semiconductor material
  • Terahertz (THz) high resolution

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IFS-125 - FTIR Highest Spectral Resolution

Manufacturer Bruker Optik GmbH

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