Gateway ATR Accessory Kit by Specac Ltd

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Gateway ATR Accessory Kit
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Specac’s Gateway™ ATR Accessory Kit is an economical multi-reflection horizontal ZnSe ATR accessory. With high-performance transfer optics and anti-reflection coated ZnSe crystals as standard, high optical throughput is achieved to facilitate an excellent standard of FTIR ATR spectral data.

The Gateway™ ATR Accessory Kit consists of: an optical unit; a trough top-plate with a 45° angle ZnSe crystal; a flat top-plate with a 45° angle ZnSe crystal; and, a clamp assembly. The trough top-plate is used for liquids and pastes analysis, and the flat top-plate and clamp assembly are used for solids and powders analysis. This accessory is simple to install and use in a wide range of spectrometer systems.

A wide range of interchangeable crystal ATR top-plates and sampling accessories can be used on the Gateway™ ATR Accessory optical unit to provide unrivalled multi-reflection ATR sampling versatility. These allow the Gateway™ ATR Accessory to be configured for the analysis of all types of samples (for example: solids, films, pastes, liquids) under a range of conditions (for example: static or flow conditions, and heating applications up to 200°C). All of the accessories are factory aligned.

All top-plates are fitted as standard with a 6 reflection ZnSe ATR crystal with a 45° angle of incidence, but other crystal materials and incident angles are available on request.

The Gateway™ ATR Accessory is a Benchmark™ baseplate compatible accessory.

Features and Benefits:

• High optical throughput
• Easy alignment 
• Purgeable optics 
• Extensive range of optional top-plates
• Replaceable crystals