Eclipse Plus C8 (USP L7) by Agilent Technologies

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Eclipse Plus C8 (USP L7)
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1.8 µm particles, stable to 1200 bar; for fast or high-resolution separations,; available in 2.1 and 3.0 mm id;  50, 100, 150 mm lengths. Manufactured by Agilent to rigorous QC specifications, the ZORBAX family encompasses 5 particle sizes and more than 32 phases, for reliable scalability and transferability from HPLC to UHPLC, from lab to lab and around the world. ZORBAX Eclipse Plus columns feature improved silica, special bonding and optimized endcapping that combine to deliver exceptional peak shapes for a wide range of analytes.   Eclipse Plus phases are available in 1.8 µm columns and superficially porous Poroshell 120.   Start with ZORBAX Eclipse Plus for method development! Agilent's ZORBAX RRHD columns take the popular ZORBAX 1.8 µm column line to the next level with a superior packing process, making them ideal for fast or high-resolution separations.  They are the only column rated stable to 1200 bar, and are available in a large family of bonded phases, aligned with the ZORBAX and Poroshell 120 families, for ensured scalability and transferability.