DropPlate-S (16/96) by Trinean

Manufacturer Trinean

DropPlate-S (16/96) by Trinean product image
DropPlate-S (16/96)

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The Trinean DropPlate-S 16/96 chip was designed for use with the DropSense96.

A single DropPlate chip contains 16 input reservoirs for sample storage and fixed pathlength measurement structures. For high-throughput testing or testing in an automated workflow, assembly of 6 DropPlates on a frame will generate a 96-well microfluidic plate with dimensions identical to those of a standard 96-well plate (SBS standard), assuring compatibility with liquid handling robots.

For manual use, 1 to 6 DropPlates can be used on the frame creating a flexible set-up for the measurement of 1 to 96 samples simultaneously. Moreover, the DropPlates can be reused until all input reservoirs have been filled. The microfluidic chip provides steady measuring conditions due to fixed pathlengths and elimination of solvent evaporation, leading to enhanced reproducibility.

The unique features of the DropPlate 16/96 are:
• 2 µl samples
• 16 to 96 sample disposable technology
• Compatible with liquid handling robots
• No sample evaporation
• Dynamic range: 5-2000 ng/µl dsDNA or 0.1-40 OD 10mm
• No sample dilution needed

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DropPlate-S (16/96) by Trinean product image

DropPlate-S (16/96)

Manufacturer Trinean

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