Dilumat 4 fully automated gravimetric diluter

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX

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AES Chemunex Dilumat 4

The ultimate Dilumat 4 diluter offers superior performance in traceability and automation to microbiology laboratories AES Dilumat 4 : fully automated gravimetric diluter • Secure and standardize the analysis • Ensure full traceability • Save Time and achieve total traceability by performing all 3 operations at once: weighing, diluting and recording Weighing, dilution and storing of parameters can all be done at once, thus saving time and money. Dilumat 4 eliminates operator variance and fatigue, automates dilution, provides GLP traceability and allows easy calibration by the operator. The Dilumat 4 can dispense into bags or other containers and is available with bar code reader (identification of sample, broth and operator). It can be fitted with up to four pumps (up to our different diluents) simultaneously (Dilumat 4X4). A TURBO option is also available to increase the dilution speed (225ml dispensed in eight seconds with the Dilumat 4 Turbo).