DFL-10 Fluorescence Detector by D-Star Instruments Inc.

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DFL-10 Fluorescence Detector
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Rating: 3.0

"not sensitive enough. we cannot interchange the filters ourselves. so we have to buy it with set absorbance and fluorescence wave lengths. if the filters can be changed everytime by the users it would be great."

Review date: 08 Apr 2011 | DFL-10 Fluorescence Detector
The new D-Star Instruments DFL-10 HPLC Fluorescence detector provides the sensitivity and the specificity of fluorescence detection at a price consistent with most low cost UV detectors.

Sensitivity is enhanced in the DFL-10 by the new analytical flowcell that employs a unique excitation and emission geometry, a completely closed optical compartment, and a thermally stabilized system.

The DFL-10 can be configured with a choice of lamps covering the UV and Visible regions of the spectrum. Choices include Deuterium (at an additional cost with a recommended expanded range photomultiplier), 254nm, 280nm, and 365nm Hg lamps, and a W lamp for the visible spectrum up to 870nm. The user may select, in addition to the lamps, a standard instrument which will employ all the lamps with the exception of the Deuterium with a standard Photomultiplier (PMT) or the extended range PMT.

Excitation and emission filters are not included in the base price of the instrument and must be selected on the basis of the application requirements.

The DFL-10 has a number of outstanding features surpassing all other filter fluorescence instruments including built in diagnostics, rise time controls, zero offset, autozero, automatic gain control (high voltage) and with the D2 or Tungsten versions the ability to shut lamp energy off for reading chemo- and Bio-luminescence.