CyBi® - WellFlex by Analytik Jena AG

Manufacturer Analytik Jena AG

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CyBi® - WellFlex

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The CyBi®-WellFlex combines three types of liquid handling tools in a compact workstation.

A simultaneous pipetting head with 96 channels and a volume range from 200 nL up to 25 or 250 µL is the ideal tool for the replication or reformatting of complete 96- and 384-well microplates. This is combined with the Flex Head, a flexible pipetting tool with a unique combination of 8 channels and a single channel, thus it is the tool of choice for either the preparation of dilution series or tube to plate transfer and hit picking.

The CyBi®-WellFlex workstation enables the complete automation of assays – from the set up of a master mix to the handling of large sample numbers. The system consists either of a 4- or 5-position main plate carriage and a 1- or 3-place additional carriage with space for assay plates, stripe reservoirs, tubes, tip racks and tip wash stations. All assay protocols can be quickly and easily programmed with the CyBio® Composer software.