alpha300 R Confocal Raman Imaging Microscope by WITec GmbH

Manufacturer WITec GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
The WITec alpha300 R leads the industry in speed, sensitivity and resolution. 

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alpha300 R Confocal Raman Imaging Microscope
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The WITec alpha300 R leads the industry in speed, sensitivity and resolution. These attributes are available simultaneously and without compromise. Speed is provided by the precise mechanical components and cutting-edge electronics, sensitivity is delivered through the optimized optics and detectors, and the exceptional resolution derives from WITec’s inherently confocal architecture and the know-how accumulated in almost 20 years at the very forefront of Raman imaging.

Chemical characterization of the individual components within a sample volume is a standard mode, but the accompanying WITec Suite data acquisition software can also visualize material properties such as stress fields or crystallinity. Time-resolved investigations of fast dynamic processes can also benefit from the ultrafast spectral acquisition times.

Confocal Raman imaging microscopes are among the most powerful and versatile instruments available to today’s scientists and no other product line places the full potential of the technique into the hands of users the way WITec’s alpha300 R can. It can be configured as required by a specialized experiment, or it can upgraded as requirements and techniques evolve. It features rock-solid stability, the freedom of modularity, and a level of performance only available from the preeminent Raman imaging manufacturer, WITec.

Options include:

TrueSurface – For rough, inclined or irregularly-shaped samples. This module enables topographic Raman imaging, which keeps the surface, or a set distance below the surface, in constant focus during the measurement with little, if any, sample preparation.

TruePower – For setting the excitation laser power in absolute 0.1mW steps, with closed-loop monitoring and effortless documentation. This is not a relative power determination as is often the case with neutral density filter-based attenuators, but a real, useful and reproducible experimental parameter controlled through the same software as all other settings.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy (SNOW) integration.


• Pharmaceutical research (drug distribution, drug delivery systems, ...)

• Life Sciences and Biomedicine (live cell examinations, tissues, bio-mineralization ...)

• Forensics (material analyses, inks, ...)

• Materials science & nanotechnology (2D materials, nanoparticles, surface analyses, ...)

• Coatings and thin films (layer build-up and thickness, depth profiles, homogeneity ...)

• Photovoltaics and semiconductors (strain analyses, coatings, ...)

• Characterization of polymers (surface structures, crystallinity, ...)