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MACHEREY-NAGEL offers CHROMABOND® HR-X – an innovative material for solid phase extraction of pharmaceutical compounds. This innovative SPE phase is based on spherical state-of-the-art polymer and suitable for a broad spectrum of applications and is especially suitable for enrichment of pharmaceuticals from biological matrices (such as urine, blood, serum and plasma but also tablets, creams and water/waste water).

This innovative SPE phase offers:

State-of-the-art spherical polymer
• Broad spectrum of application with special suitability for enrichment of pharmaceuticals from biological matrices
• Ideal flow properties due to low content of particulate matter

Optimised pore structure and high specific surface
• High loadability and outstanding elution properties
• Low solvent consumption
• Rapid, economical analyses

High-purity adsorber material
• Allows highest reproducibility with extremely low blind values
• Reliable analyses at ultra trace level
• No method adaptation for new batches necessary

Technical features
• Hydrophobic polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer
• pH stability 1–14
• High-purity material with highest reproducibility and lowest blind values due to a novel manufacturing process
• Spherical particles of 85 μm; pore size 55–60; very high surface of 1000 m2/g; capacity of 390 mg/g (caffeine in water)
• Excellent recovery rates especially for the enrichment of pharmaceuticals/active ingredients due to the spherical structure of the particles, very homogeneous surface and optimised pore structure

Already available from MACHEREY-NAGEL are several other CHROMABOND® products: the CHROMABOND® HR-P is a special SPE-cartridge for environmental applications and the CHROMABOND® EASY is a polar, bifunctional modified polystyrene divinylbenzene copolymer. CHROMABOND® HR-X is offered in standard PP and glass cartridges, as well as in cartridges for flash chromatography and in 96 plates. Contact MACHEREY-NAGEL for your free samples.

CHROMABOND® HR-X from MACHEREY-NAGEL is the perfect fit in combination with CHROMABOND® HR-XA and HR-XC (the corresponding ion exchanger based on HR-X) for all tasks of modern sample pretreatment.

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