Chrom Perfect Size Exclusion Chromatography Software

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Size Exclusion/Gel Permeation Chromatography Molecular Weight Software for Windows® Accurate SEC/GPC Software that is Easy to Use

Now there is a full-featured Size Exclusion Chromatography software package that is fully integrated with Chrom Perfect® for Windows. SEC provides a wide variety of calibrations and reports and produces accurate and reproducible measurements of molecular weight.

Three Modes of Operation

The software allows you to retrieve a chromatogram collected by Chrom Perfect® and produce SEC plots and reports interactively. It also allows you to produce reports and plots interactively after each run or by batch reprocessing a series of runs. The specifications for the reports and plots come from an SEC method file that the chemist prepares ahead of time.

With the SEC software, you can display your report together with the chromatogram and weight distribution graphs. You can reset baselines and summation regions, and immediately see the effect on the molecular weight calculations. SEC enhances reproducibility with a smoothing algorithm on the baseline. You can include negative peaks in the calculations or exclude them.

Transfer Plots and Reports to Other Software

The software can leave SEC results in ASCII files for transfer to other software packages such as EXCEL, Lotus 1-2-3, or a word processor. It can also leave the plot in a Windows® metafile or bitmap file for transfer to your word processor or desktop publishing software.

SEC Calibration

SEC supports a wide variety of calibrations, including:

  • narrow standard
  • broad standard
  • universal calibration

The software fits the calibration curve with a polynomial up to degree 5.

The software can compensate for drift with internal standards.

SEC Reporting 

The format of the report is fully configurable through an SEC method file. The software fully documents the source of the data and calibration. It gives you over 200 characters of user-defined sample identification.

You can use interactive graphics to set the start and stop positions of the baseline and processing ranges. The software computes the molecular weight range that corresponds to these points.

The software can show the amount of polymer above or below specified bounds.

The software provides six types of molecular weight calculations.

You can specify the slice width for the table that shows percent off versus retention time.

The software will detect the peaks in the SEC chromatogram, and provide molecular weight summations for each peak.

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Chrom Perfect Size Exclusion Chromatography Software

Manufacturer Justice Laboratory Software UK

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