UVP ChemStudio Imager by Analytik Jena US

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High-resolution and sensitive imaging of, chemiluminescent blots and fluorescent gels. No film is required.

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UVP ChemStudio Imager
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Imaging Western blots, DNA gels, white light images

"The Chemidoc System gives crisp clean images and the software is easy to use for quantification."

Review date: 13 Jun 2012 | UVP ChemStudio Imager
The UVP ChemStudio Imager is an upgradeable system, for publication quality imaging and quantitation, of Western blots, multiplex fluorescent westerns, immunoblots, protein blots, DNA gels, coomassie Blue, GelGreen, SYBR Green and other stains.
Automated image capture and quantitative analysis, is performed using an external computer using, Analytik Jena’s VisionWorks® Acquisition and Analysis software. The software features new, Compositing and Pseudocolor tools, for advanced multi-channel image capture and enhancement. The imager is modular and upgradeable, allowing the addition of accessories for maximizing imaging capabilities. Add an eLite Light Source to support RGB, Near IR and other multiplex applications.
Analytik Jena’s imagers provide outstanding technical features, for maximum resolution and sensitivity. Customers can choose from two deeply cooled (-57⁰C) cameras, for low noise capture, in long exposure/low light applications. The new, 8.1 megapixel camera is configured with an f/0.95 lens, for fast and sensitive image capture. Several uniform, high-intensity lighting options are available. Base UV lighting options include 1 UV (302nm) or UVP’s patented, 3UV™ (254/302/365nm) technology. Transilluminator sizes range from 21x26cm to 25x26cm. Overhead white lighting is included, with optional UV and blue light.
Analytik Jena specializes in customer service and support. Imaging specialists provide onsite demos, installation, technical service and upgrades. A three-year manufacturer warranty is included with this system. Analytik Jena’s dedicated support teams are always available for customized technical and application support. 
  • Wide imaging area (field-of-view) for gels and blots of various sizes (up to 25 x 26 cm).
  • Chemi tray is included for the placement of blots
  • Manual filter control in a four position filter wheel (EtBr filter included).
  • Unlimited copies of the full package VisionWorks acquisition and analysis software, is included. Analysis functions include, 1D lane and band analysis, histograms, lane profile graphs, total area density, Western blot densitometry.
  • Upgrade options: eLite filters are available for specific wavelength requirements. LED White Light Plate: for white light transillumination applications such as Coomassie Blue, Silver stains and others. Visi-Blue converter plate: for blue light gels, converts UV to 460-470 nm. For overhead UV lighting: UV Lamp Modules. Two lamps are recommended.
  • Chemiluminescence Imaging
  • Western Blot
  • Gel Imaging
  • DNA gels
  • Coomassie blue
  • Protein gels
  • Multiplex Fluorescent Western Blots
  • Plant Imaging
  • Fluorescence Imaging
  • Colorimetric Imaging
  • GFP Imaging