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A unique range of packaged centralized systems. The CENTRA range has been designed to transform the installation, control and supply of pure water to a loop system. Instead of a traditionally eng...read more

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A unique range of packaged centralized systems.

The CENTRA range has been designed to transform the installation, control and supply of pure water to a loop system. Instead of a traditionally engineered central lab system, comprising of an untidy grouping of reservoir, RO, UV, tubing and pump, you can now have just one integrated system box. The CENTRA also improves the management of your loop system, incorporating an array of system operations, monitors and alarms on its conveniently positioned control panel.

Simple operation and control - monitoring of the system and loop is via a conveniently angled four-button “softkey” control panel at the front of the CENTRA. For remote monitoring of the loop, up to 8 additional remote display/control panels can be connected to the system

Complete security - the CENTRA incorporates a wide range of safety features and alarms to ensure pure water quality is not compromised.

- Unique Passkey access to the control panel protects important functions and prevents accidental changes to settings & calibration
- For complete peace of mind an internal leak detection system is built into the unit.
- Audio-visual alarms are initiated in the event of a drop in water quality or reservoir level
- Validation support documentation can be provided to ensure compliance with standards

Modern practical design - the CENTRA would normally be located in a separate plant area or wash room, but its small footprint and modern colour co-ordinated look means it can also be sited in a laboratory, if this is more convenient

Easy Installation - because the reservoir, components and pipe work are all pre-configured in one system box much of the time, complexity and expense of installation is eliminated

Easy maintenance - direct access from the front-entry service door, plus quick-fit connections, facilitates easy replacement of consumables

Simple sanitization - the smooth internal surfaces of the CENTRA combined with the through-flow of water ensure there are no crevices or static areas to harbor bacteria.The CENTRA-MDS and LDS have a simple manual sanitization procedure, while the CENTRA-RDS, R 200 and S 200 additionally feature:

- A manually initiated automatic disinfection routine which simplifies sanitization and results in a lower bacterial and endotoxin specification in use.
- A sprayball at the entry to the storage reservoir, ensuring all wetted parts are sanitized.

Good laboratory Practice - the CENTRA features an RS232 serial interface to enable you to make a permanent printed record of performance and system parameters. This allows for compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines.


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