BioBook (E-WorkBook for biology)

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BioBook (E-WorkBook for biology) delivers complete late stage discovery and early preclinical research data management.

Offering a compliant environment with superior flexibility, BioBook (E-WorkBook for biology) simplifies the capture, analysis and reporting of complex, multi-dimensional experimental data, with interactive complex statistics and graphing. 

BioBook is a robust and easy to use application that controls every stage of the study lifecycle, from organizing and designing experiments, capturing data, to generating and sharing reports. BioBook enhances the productivity of biologists who run low throughput and preclinical assays, and enables global access to protocols, data, results and their interpretation.

Specific tools developed for data capture and analysis and included as standard in BioBook are:

• Experimental design and randomization
• Data knockout/knock in
• Data blinding
• Dynamic curve fitting and advanced statistical analysis
• Interactive charts and data visualization

BioBook also provides the researcher with:

• A multi-dimensional spreadsheet in a compliant environment
• Report generation tool that enables the rapid production of study reports
• Facility to import and export protocol-based data to corporate repositories
• Experimental templates easily set up by the scientist
• Data capture and import from laboratory instruments
• The ability to perform complex search queries, or free text search of all data including embedded documents such as Microsoft® Word and Excel

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BioBook (E-WorkBook for biology)

Manufacturer IDBS

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