BI-3000G: Ultra-sensitive SPR Instrument with Built-in Versatility

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With BI-DirectFlowTM flow injection technology and Gas Phase SPR, compatible with Electrochemistry SPR

The BI-3000G SPR instrument is equipped for both liquid and vapor phase SPR analyses, and utilizes a unique detection technology that delivers high sensitivity (< 10-5 degrees) and fast response times (< 0.5 ms) with superior flexibility.

The innovative use of interchangeable analysis modules is specially developed to fulfill a broad spectrum of applications ranging from life science and electrochemistry research to chemical vapor sensing. The BI-3000G system is equipped with BI-DirectFlowTM technology, which enables precision sample delivery with near-zero dispersion for higher-quality results, ideal for the study of ultra-fast kinetic interactions such as those in DNA sequencing, protein-protein interactions, ligand-receptor recognition, and drug development applications . The system also comes with the Gas SPR Analysis Module, which helps facilitate chemical vapor detection, gas chemical sensor research, and fundamental solid-gas interface studies. Additionally, the Electrochemical and EC-DualFlowTM Analysis Modules can be easily implemented (not included with the system) for electrochemical SPR applications, allowing for anodic stripping analyses and studies on electropolymerization, electrodeposition, redox-related conformational change, and much more.

BI-SPR technology can also expand research capabilities by aiding in the development of new high-performance SPR and coupled SPR techniques, made possible by the instrument’s open detection stage and auxiliary data ports that facilitate its integration with ongoing research projects and other instruments. The BI-3000G can produce superior, high-quality data at a completely affordable price.

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BI-3000G: Ultra-sensitive SPR Instrument with Built-in Versatility

Manufacturer Biosensing Instrument

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