Automated Pipetting Workstation – Xiril Neon 100-1-8

Manufacturer Xiril AG

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Are you looking for a new pipetting partner for daily reliable assistance in your lab?

Xiril’s Neon 100-1-8 is ready to take over several liquid handling jobs, such as PCR-setup, reformatting, dilution series, archiving, hit picking, extractions etc. – while you are free for other tasks!

The technology of the robotic workstation Neon 100-1-8 crosses boundaries with its pipetting arm, holding eight channels that work independently in Y- and Z-direction. The same pipetting channels are even acting as grippers, managing all plate handling needed during your liquid handling procedures. This means no additional separate gripper arm is necessary.

Space saving on a small footprint of only 106cm x 70cm the Neon 100-1-8 yet offers unmatched 20 microplate positions. Furthermore it has the ability of integrating modules to fulfil all your laboratory tasks, such as heating, shaking, barcode reading, solid phase extraction (SPE) based on vacuum or magnetic beads technology.

The Neon 100-1-8 is an open and modular platform with unrivalled options, customisable to your individual needs. It comes together with the software “Lirix”, likewise highly flexible and capable of monitoring all your processes and methods.

Who else can provide targeted solutions for your medium to high throughput applications with highest flexibility on such a small robotic workstation?

Xiril’s Neon 100-1-8 – the perfect choice to meet all your liquid handling needs!

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Automated Pipetting Workstation – Xiril Neon 100-1-8

Manufacturer Xiril AG

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