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Attocube attoFPSensor - Long range, high precision, ultra compact interferometric displacement sensor

The attoFPSensor is based on a Fabry Perot interferometer consisting of a single mode fiber and a sensing element. The compact design (6 mm long, 3 mm diameter) and the attocube-typical compatibility with extreme environments such as ultra high vacuum und very low temperature open up new possibilities and applications for interferometric measurements. From a technical point of view, the attoFPSensor has a stunning resolution of up to 30 pm (@ 100 Hz bandwidth and 75 µW laser power) even over large distances of 10 cm and more. The uniqueness of the attoFPSensor system arises from the use of only one single fiber which is inserted into the sensor head of the high precision positioning interferometer. As the attoFPSensor design allows for high tolerances in mirror adjustment, the time-consuming alignment procedure typical for standard interferometers can be eliminated.

The vacuum and low temperature compatibility opens up new possibilities in interferometric displacement measurements under extreme conditions.

Attocube attoFPSensor Key Features:
• Ultra compact, thermally compensated design 
• Vacuum compatible 
• Cryogenic compatible 
• Ultra low laser power 
• Single fiber based

Benefits of the Attocube attoFPSensor:

• 30 pm resolution at cm range 
• Ultra-low thermal drift 
• Measurements in UHV and at ultra-low temperatures possible 
• Single fiber based, no electrical connections 
• “Plug and measure” (high tolerance on mirror adjustment)

Applications of the Attocube attoFPSensor include:

• High resolution long range position sensing 
• Low noise vibrometry 
• Low noise AFM deflection detection