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Amino Linker Phosphoramidites
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Amino linker phosphoramidites for the functionalization of the 5'-end during oligo synthesis

• Amino linker products are coupled with standard synthesis protocols, identical to the coupling of DNA monomer phosphoramidites.
• 5'-Amino phosphoramidite is used to add a functional amine group at the 5'- or 3'- end of the oligonucleotides. The primary amino group can be used for subsequent conjugation of a variety of reporter dyes or labels.
• The base-labile TFA-group is easily cleaved with concentrated ammonia during the cleavage and deprotection steps. Additional deprotection steps are not necessary.
• The DMT-group can be cleaved more conveniently than the MMT-group on the synthesis instrument with acidic deblocking solution to enable on-support labeling protocols.
• 5'-DMT Amino linker can be treated by normal deprotection and cleavage.

Technical Information for Amino Linker Phosphoramidites
• 5'-TFA Amino linker
• 5'-DMT Amino linker
• 3'-TFA Amino linker