ACD/I-Lab by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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Reduce the need for labor intensive experimental testing and literature searches, by using
the online ACD/I-Lab prediction engine to predict physiochemical properties, NMR spectra
and chemical shifts, and ADME toxicities. The browser-based I-Lab software also assesses
prediction reliability and includes searchable content databases.

ACD/I-Lab Offers Free:
• Basic Physiochemical Property Prediction
• Basic IUPAC Naming up to 50 atoms
• Reporting to PDF

And Credit-based:
• Advanced Physiochemical Property Prediction
• ADME & Toxicity Property Prediction
• LogP, Solubility, and Ionization Database Searching
• C/H/F/N/P NMR Spectra Prediction
• C/H/F/N/P NMR Database Searching
• Advanced Systematic IUPAC Naming

Intellectual property protection may prevent some organizations from querying online predictive
engines outside of the corporate firewall.

ACD/Labs can provide an installation of I-Lab on your corporate intranet, allowing fast and secure
access for all company employees. Users simply need a web browser, a username and a password.