872 Extension Module Sample Prep

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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The 872 Extension Module Sample Prep is an expansion tool for upgrading all 850 Professional IC instruments. It enables the installation of an additional peristaltic pump and injection valve in any 850 Professional IC system.

The 872 Extension Module Sample Prep extends the capabilities of Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation «MISP» and liquid handling. Inline dialysis becomes possible with an AnCat system or a system without autosampler. Flexibility increases since the extended systems allow column switching and cutting techniques as well as multidimensional IC applications.

The 872 Extension Module Sample Prep includes a two-channel peristaltic pump for the transfer of different solutions in the low-pressure range and a six-port injection valve that can be used in the high- and low-pressure range of an 850 Professional IC system. Up to three 872 Extension Modules can be connected to every 850 Professional IC instrument.

The 872 Extension Module Sample Prep is controlled by the MagIC Net™ software.