Product News: Rigaku Raman Delivers New Software Enhancements to its Xantus-2 Portable Analyzer to Improve Customer Efficiency and Ensure High Levels of Standards Compliance

10 Jul 2013

Rigaku Raman Technologies, a leading innovator of handheld Raman spectrometers, has announced software enhancements to its leading Xantus-2™ dual-wavelength portable Raman analyzer, which is being used widely in the pharmaceutical and analytics/academia markets. Demonstrating Rigaku Raman’s commitment to continually improve customers’ workflow and effectiveness, the new Xantus-2 version software delivers enhanced compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines and provides smart features designed to sharpen performance and simplify data management.

“Workflow efficiency, compliance and accurate data analysis are critical requirements of our customers – and with these new enhancements, Rigaku Raman is raising the bar on these capabilities,” said Bree Allen, General Manager at Rigaku Raman. “Just as we delivered the industry’s first 1064nm capabilities, Rigaku Raman will continue to set new benchmarks in product development to ensure that customers get the best products with the most advanced capabilities designed to support their unique applications.”

About the Software Enhancements
The new Xantus-2 version software includes a redesigned account management user interface for stronger instrument security and data protection for enhanced compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. Simplified data management and storage functions enable easier management of multiple libraries, while automatic naming convention and file saving features eliminate inconsistent storage locations and file names by multiple users.

About the Xantus-2
Rigaku Raman’s Xantus-2™ is the world’s first portable dual wavelength Raman analyzer designed to provide customers with application specific solutions for quality data analysis. It is equipped with options of 785/1064nm or 532/1064nm lasers stabilized for Raman spectroscopy, providing a unique combination of high sensitivity and minimized fluorescence. Xantus-2 utilizes integrated software combining open architecture with customizable, user-defined settings for optimized sampling parameters that result in comprehensive and actionable data analysis.