Product News: Qualcomm Launches 2net Mobile at MEDICA for Secure On-the-Go Medical Device Connectivity

22 Nov 2013

Qualcomm Incorporated has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Qualcomm Life, Inc., is launching 2net™ Mobile, a 2net Platform gateway offering, for its European customers at the MEDICA 2013 medical device conference taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany, November 20 – 23, 2013.

2net Mobile is one of the first solutions to enable seamless aggregation of clinical data from multiple medical device sensors into one unified stream on a variety of mobile phones and tablets, and transmission of that data to the secure cloud-based 2net Platform. Quasarmed, a health service provider in Italy, will be the first European customer to leverage 2net Mobile in its solutions. Along with this launch, the 2net Mobile Software Development Kit has been made available to developers who intend to commercialize 2net-managed services through their applications.

2net Mobile is a software module designed to enable certain Android smartphones, tablets and other data-capable devices to take on the gateway functionality of the 2net Hub. The 2net Hub, which launched in Europe in November 2012, delivers short-range radio flexibility, security, interoperability and seamless data transfer, while serving as the information highway for machine-to-machine connectivity for wireless medical devices into and out of the home. 2net Mobile will allow this connectivity to extend beyond the home so that users can monitor and transmit their readings while on-the-go. The 2net Platform, 2net Hub and 2net Mobile Core1 are separately listed as Class I MDD and CE Marked in Europe.

Quasarmed, Qualcomm Life’s first 2net Mobile customer in Europe, will deploy a smartphone based preventative and coaching health care program that connects to multiple medical devices and sensors. Quasarmed’s objective is to develop and deliver directly clinical-grade, easy-to-use, affordable telemonitoring services to consumers. Its recently launched AmicoMED, a preventative and coaching health care service focused on blood pressure and hypertension management, will leverage 2net Mobile to seamlessly connect blood pressure measurement devices to Quasarmed’s Medical Centre via the consumer’s smartphone. Quasarmed will deploy this solution in Italy before year end and is planning to expand its services to more conditions, such as arrhythmia detection and stress monitoring, and its geographic reach to all major European countries.

“Our objective with the launch of 2net Mobile in Europe is to further support our customers’ business strategies in remote patient monitoring,” said Laurent Vandebrouck, managing director of Qualcomm Life in Europe. “Through its open approach to connectivity, transmission and aggregation of data on mobile phones and tablets, 2net Mobile improves the capability of users to monitor their health anytime, anywhere.”

Along with the launch of 2net Mobile, the Qualcomm Life Ecosystem continues to expand across Europe with a new collaboration in the United Kingdom.

Docobo, an established eHealth and mHealth provider in the United Kingdom and across Europe, remotely monitors and manages several thousand patients to support chronic disease management via its doc@HOME Digital Care solution. As part of its solutions portfolio, Docobo plans to enhance its capability by the inclusion of the 2net Hub and Platform, allowing those patients using its docoboWEB technology to benefit from automated entry and secure transfer of vital sign data. The device agnostic and interoperable nature of the 2net system will allow Docobo to lower operational costs and increase its scalability to meet the increasing demand for open telehealth systems in European tenders.

Globally, the non-exclusive and open Qualcomm Life Ecosystem is comprised of more than 300 medical device manufacturers, app developers, health services companies and payors that are in various stages of leveraging Qualcomm Life’s technologies. Qualcomm Life is showcasing a broad array of these collaborations at the Wireless Health Pavilion in Hall 15, Stand 04 at MEDICA, including those being developed by: A&D Medical, AT&T, MedecinDirect, Nonin, S3 Group, EMN AG, DELTA, vitaphone health solutions, Cystelcom and Zydacron.

1. The 2net Mobile software module is made up of two different applications: 2net Mobile Core, which communicates with biometric sensors, acting as a library, and interfaces with the 2net Mobile Application, which has a user interface. The two apps are separate, enabling enterprise customers to build their own application around the 2net Mobile Core.