Product News: McPherson Introduces New Spectral Test Station for Soft X-ray and Extreme Ultraviolet Applications

06 Nov 2013

The new McPherson 310STS has efficient grazing incidence optics with light sources that work between one and 120 nanometers. Sources include electron impact solid anode type for SXR and windowless hollow cathode for lower EUV energies. The sources fit conveniently to the scanning entrance slit of a one meter focal length grazing incidence monochromator. The monochromator has adjustable apertures, accepts multiple diffraction gratings and has motor drive controlled by PC for simple selection of wavelength. The selected wavelength travels directly to devices under test. Connection to your experiment or to telescope calibration chambers (for example) is simple. Sample motion is required only as analysis requires.

The 310STS tunable source system is flexible enough for a wide range of analytical research activities. Test spatial response of x-ray cameras, calibrate detectors, and spectrally test photo cathodes. Thin film reflectance, filter transmittance and absorbance are also possible. The new 310STS is useful for both integration to existing experimental test chambers or as a complete system with McPherson sample handling or chambers. It is a compact, robust and flexible system for SXR and EUV spectrophotometry. As an instrument that works in your laboratory, the 310STS provides ready access and schedule too.