Product News: DECTRIS Ltd. Launches the New EIGER X-Ray Detector Series at the IUCr Congress in Montréal, Canada

18 Aug 2014

DECTRIS introduces the new Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector series, EIGER, at the international IUCr congress, the most important conference for crystallographers in this year of crystallography.

X-ray detector instrumentation is the key for modern structure determination experiments both at synchrotron and laboratory sources. DECTRIS, a Swiss high-tech company, has introduced hybrid photon counting detectors 8 years ago with the extremely successful PILATUS detector family. During the last 3 years a substantial effort has been made to develop the successor product family EIGER, named after the famous mountain with its impressive north face in central Switzerland.

The EIGER product line represents the summit of Hybrid Photon Counting technology. With its 75 µm pixels and an unprecedented frame rate of several kHz it sets new standards in terms of spatial resolution and temporal resolution. The product line up ranges from 1M, 4M, 9M up to a 16M pixel system, the largest hybrid photon counting detector to date.

The product family is available in two performance classes: The EIGER X series provides ultimate performance for the most demanding synchrotron applications. The EIGER R 1M is the ideal detector for ambitious scientists who demand the latest and most advanced technology for their laboratory. All EIGER detectors share the complete set of key advantages that enable outstanding and unrivalled data quality: Neither readout noise nor dark current for best signal-to-noise ratio; small pixels and excellent point-spread function for highest spatial resolution; continuous readout and global shutter for highest duty cycles.

"Achieving the outstanding performance of the EIGER product line has been a challenging endeavor in which we invested more than 20 man-years. We are very proud that we are now ready to successfully launch the product line. I am happy DECTRIS can once again serve the needs of scientists requiring ultimate performance for their cutting-edge research." says Dr. Christian Broennimann, CEO of DECTRIS.

EIGER R 1M Laboratory Detector
The EIGER R 1M is the first high resolution Hybrid Photon Counting detector for the laboratory. It combines renowned single-photon sensitivity with high resolution. Featuring a mega-pixel sensor with a pixel size of only 75 µm guarantees ultimate resolution and turns the EIGER R 1M into a versatile tool for X-ray detection in a variety of laboratory applications. Exploit the single-pixel point-spread function to resolve large unit-cell protein crystal axes or to record high-resolution powder diffraction patterns from textured samples. Based on latest synchrotron proven technology, the EIGER R 1M is the perfect answer to all of your laboratory requirements.

EIGER X Synchrotron Series
The new EIGER X series provides ultimate performance for the most demanding synchrotron applications. Frame rates in the kilohertz range in combination with continuous readout open new horizons in time-resolved experiments and XPCS. Hitherto prohibitively slow scanning beam imaging techniques like ptychography become routinely possible. High resolution and coherent diffraction experiments benefit from the small pixel size and an outstanding point-spread function that is enabled by direct conversion of X-rays. Highest count rates per unit area ideally match the ever-increasing beamline brightness.