Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Orbital Shakers for Sensitive Culture Applications

18 Jan 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced the Thermo Scientific MaxQ High Performance (HP) Orbital Digital Shakers. Consisting of open air and incubated bench-top models and incubated or refrigerated floor models, the MaxQ® HP Shaker range is ideal for sensitive cultures. The sturdy units will provide a “hard shake” for bacteria with a speed range from 25 to 525 rpm, while the brushless DC motors allow maintenance-free, 24/7 operation. The MaxQ HP Shakers are easy to program and include a function that restricts unauthorized or inadvertent changes to key functions.

The MaxQ HP open-air, bench-top shaker has different platform sizes, so the capacity can be increased by simply changing the platform. The incubated bench-top model includes +/-0.3 ºC temperature uniformity for optimum growth, and the chamber holds 6 x 2 L flasks. Both the MaxQ HP incubated and refrigerated floor models feature a HEPA filter for maximum protection from contamination, a directed airflow system for optimum temperature uniformity of +/-0.2 ºC and ideal growth conditions, and an ergonomic design for easy access. A wide temperature range, from 5 ºC above ambient to 80 ºC in the incubated shakers and 4–60 ºC in the refrigerated shakers, supports almost any requirement.

Thermo Scientific MaxQ HP Orbital Digital Shakers benefit from a backlit display that allows both the run-points and set-points for temperature, speed and time to be viewed simultaneously, minimizing errors when establishing run conditions. The balancing mechanism enables vibration-free shaking, which – along with durable components – ensures a long life. Situational alarms, including temperature sensor failure and power interruptions, give users added confidence.