Product News: The New Pictus 700 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

16 Nov 2012

The Diatron Group, global provider of hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers, has developed its latest clinical chemistry analyzer, the Pictus 700, as a fully-automated, random-access system, suitable for today’s modern laboratory. The rapid and reliable analyzer can carry out up to 720 tests per hour, on sample volumes ranging from 0.2 μL to 100 μL, by employing continuous sample loading in a 95 position patient sample tray, with two separate reagent trays.

Other features of the Pictus 700 include its 72 reagent channels, an independent cooling system, liquid level sensing and clot detection, plus end-point and kinetic detection modes. Unlike many other large floor-standing analyzers, the Pictus 700 possesses a highly efficient cuvette washing system that requires low water consumption (approx. 3 L/hr) and does not need connection to the laboratory plumbing system. The user-friendly software enables strict quality control and an unlimited number of samples can be loaded through the in-built Laboratory Information System (LIS).

As the latest addition to the Pictus family of clinical chemistry analyzers, the high throughput Pictus 700 completes the portfolio, which also includes the benchtop analyzers, Pictus Basic, a simple semi-automated instrument, and medium-throughput automated analyzers, Pictus 200 and Pictus 400.

Diatron recently moved to new, larger and state-of-the-art facilities in Budapest, Hungary, to consolidate production and support of its clinical chemistry and hematology analyzers in one site, allowing the company to respond more quickly to market needs and enhance its R & D efforts.