Product News: New UHPLC Unsurpassed in High-Speed and High-Resolution Analysis and Productivity

03 Mar 2010

Shimadzu introduces the Nexera ultra high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system. The LC-30A Nexera delivers high-speed and high-resolution analysis without sacrificing basic performance parameters such as excellent precision, near-zero carryover, good linearity, stability and ruggedness. Offering these attributes enables Nexera to provide superior performance in various fields, covering high-resolution and high-speed separation, as well as high-sensitivity detection.

Shimadzu’s Nexera is optimized to enable analysis at pressures up to 130 MPa at 3mL/min. This allows for Fast Chromatography as well as highest resolution using long columns with small particles. Without compromising performance and data quality, the maximized pressure over a wide flow range enables various types of analyses, including micro LC to conventional LC, regular pressure LC to ultra high-pressure LC, and isocratic LC to multi-dimensional LC. The system is also suitable for MS applications.

New components, best materials and technologies
The CBM-20A control unit contains a modified software in order to control the new modules and functionalities, e.g. the autosampler. A new micro-reactor based mixer, fully developed components, best materials and technologies and new columns are important from the hardware side driving the performance. The users profit from the productivity and efficiency.

High throughput and minimum carryover
Nexera’s fast injection — just 10 seconds — enables fast chromatography to shorten cycle time and result in true high throughput with 4,500+ sample capacity. The newly designed injection port and fine-tipped needle, along with additional features such as three-rinse solvent selection and injection port and internal needle rinse, reduce carryover to an absolute minimum.

New autosampler
Regarding carryover and reproducibility, the autosampler SIL-30AC exceeds the performance of the previous product and strengthen its outstanding position in the market. In addition to the well-established and precise DIIMS technique (Direct Injection with Isolated Metering System), the autosampler also offers fixed-loop injection for ultra-fast separation with minimized peak width and gradient delay. An overlapping injection function is standard with Nexera to allow for a maximum reduction in cycle time.

Column oven for high-temperature analysis
For high-temperature LC analysis up to 150 °C, Nexera offers efficient pre-heating for solvents to enable stable and reliable conditions. The advanced Intelligent Heat Balancer (IHB) minimizes band broadening during high-temperature analysis through the use of independently controlled heat zones within the column compartment, ensuring accurate column temperature regardless of flow rate. The post-column cooler can reduce detector noise when equipped for high-temperature analysis.

Most sensitive detection
Additionally to the UV and PDA detectors, the brand-new and worldwide most sensitive and fastest RF-20A/20AXS fluorescence detectors can be applied for Nexera. Furthermore, MS respectively MS/MS detectors are preferred options which combine an increased separation capacity with adequate sensitivity.

“For LC-30A Nexera, Shimadzu’s comprehensive experience in HPLC has been strengthened and extended through inspirations and technologies from other product segments,” said Dr. Björn-Thoralf Erxleben, Product Manager Shimadzu Europe. “The LC-30A Nexera meets the needs of the most demanding markets such as pharmaceutical and the food industry: Both require the highest data quality since their products concern the human body. The LC-30A Nexera is a versatile tool for a multitude of different applications.”

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