Product News: Automate a Single Work Stage or a Whole Application

08 Feb 2012

The new Biohit Roboline is a simple, small and easy-to-use liquid handling instrument that enables you to automate a single work stage or a whole application. This quiet and compact liquid handling automate is easy to place anywhere in the lab. Open programmability and the fast drag-and-drop function make the automate easy to use and suitable for a wide range of applications. With this companion you can simply automate a single work stage or a whole application.

The robotic dispensing module ensures that your results are accurate and precise without human error.

Easy to use

• Learn programming in 15 minutes, load your work and free your hands for other tasks
• Save your application and use it again - no need for reprogramming
• The removable tray makes loading and unloading easy and efficient
• Keep your reagents cold by cooling the racks
• The surfaces and the removable tray are easy to clean.

Flexible for all applications

• Use your favorite vials - Biohit racks adopt a wide range of laboratory tubes
• Pipette single wells, rows, columns, entire plates or any combination
• Flexible software allows a wide application range
• Application examples: cherry picking, lipid accession, aliquotation, dilution series, cell division and many more.

Reliable results behind your back

• Get accurate and precise results - fully electronic pipetting operation minimizes human pipetting errors
• Get reliable results over the whole volume range from 5 to 200 μl
• Liquid-level sensing ensures successful pipetting even in small volumes
• The closed environment protects your samples and reagents from contaminations.

Safe and ergonomic

• The Roboline Sampler software checks for inconsistencies in the pipetting sequence
• Protect yourself from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) - let Roboline do your routine pipetting
• Decrease exposure to toxic or contaminative solutions - Roboline will do your hazardous work
• Enjoy a quiet environment due to low noise level
• A door sensor to ensure safety.

The Biohit Roboline racks have a unique spring mechanism that allows use of a wide range of laboratory tubes in the same rack. You can use all your favorite vials with two different adapters! To maximize cleanliness in your work, use the Biohit Waste Container for all your waste.