Product News: Opportunities for Growth at ASCB

16 Dec 2013

ATCC, a premier global biological materials resource and standards organization, will host a variety of engagement opportunities for attendees at this year’s ASCB Annual Meeting. ATCC events include a Vendor Showcase on a poster presentation entitled, “Blood Cells and Vessels,” and various networking sessions with ATCC scientists at booth number 1224 during exhibition hall hours.

“For more than eight decades, we’ve set the standard for providing the largest and most diverse collection of authenticated biological materials to the scientific community,” stated Mindy Goldsborough, Ph.D., the Vice President and General Manager of ATCC Cell Systems. “Further, ATCC has taken great strides in acquiring relevant technologies, such as hTERT and advanced methods for generating iPSCs and putting them to use in expanding its collection to include a full range of cell models from primary cultures to fully-characterized tumor cell lines for in vitro research. We are also providing valuable genetic data for established cell lines to support the needs of our customers.”

The ATCC Vendor Showcase will include four topics:

• hTERT-Immortalized Cells — Unique tools for tissue-relevant research, will provide an overview of the hTERT-immortalized cell line collection, and will examine the use of will examine the use of immortalized renal epithelial cells, keratinocytes, and microvascular endothelial cell lines to demonstrate how hTERT-immortalized cell lines can help investigators reach their goals.

• Induced Pluripotent and Mesenchymal Stem Cells — Cells with a lot of potential, will provide an overview of the ATCC stem cell collection and will describe how these resources can be used in cell biology studies.

• TransfeX™ — Superior gene expression for hard-to-transfect cell types, will show how TransfeX, a new transfection reagent, provides higher transfection efficiency and lower cytotoxicity than other commercially available transfection reagents. This presentation will also describe the HEKPlus Expression System for protein expression.

• ATCC Molecular Signature Panels — Powerful tools for the genomics age, will describe how ATCC generated the Molecular Signature Panels using authenticated cell lines containing cell pathway specific mutations, as well as how each panel was experimentally validated for genetic alterations, protein expression, and cell functionality. 

The ATCC scientific team will be available at Booth #1224 throughout the ASCB meeting for networking and open discussion. 

Click here to register for the ATCC Vendor Showcase or contact Renée Randall at to arrange an interview with one of the ATCC scientists.