Product News: EpiCypher™ Announces Next-Generation Histone Peptide Array

04 Sep 2014

EpiTitan™ to replace first-generation EpiGold™ Array

EpiCypher, a pioneer in the field of epigenetics and chromatin biology, announced the introduction of its next-generation Histone Peptide Array – EpiTitan™. The platform was designed for rapid, high-throughput screening of effector protein interaction, antibody binding and enzyme activity. The peptides on the array encompass over 95 unique modifications on the four core histones along with several histone variants – the most available of any platform on the market.

“EpiTitan is a significant improvement over our previous platform,” said Sam Tetlow, CEO of EpiCypher. “Some of the improvements include the capability to perform multiple experiments per array, 20 additional peptides, the ability to run two samples on one array, a significantly increased number of modifications, as well as enhanced scanning and analysis tools. This new platform will provide our customers with conclusions at critical phases of research with significantly reduced errors arising from other peptide array platforms. It also includes our patent-pending peptide spotting tracer, which significantly increases the credibility of the data by reducing false negatives”.

The EpiTitan™ arrays can be used to examine the selectivity and specificity of histone modification antibodies, analyze the specificity of histone binding proteins and identify substrates of histone modifying enzymes.