Product News: Dual-Bulb Pastettes® Deliver Simplicity for Exact Volume Dispensing

26 Sep 2013

Dual-Bulb Pastettes® are the simplest pipette you will ever use to deliver a fixed, small, measured volume of liquid, fast. Simply squeeze the upper bulb to fill, and squeeze again to dispense the precise volume. Also known as Exact Volume Pipettes, these space saving, economical, single piece, disposable liquid transfer devices are a quick and easy alternative to conventional pipettes and tips.

They are particularly useful for untrained hands making them an ideal component of self test or point-of-care diagnostic kits. However, now they are generally available in smaller pack sizes they provide a practical option across a wide range of general laboratory applications requiring fixed, small volume sample delivery. Available in a range of volumes from 20-250µl, they deliver with an accuracy of +/- 10%.

Why not see for yourself just how easy small volume transfers can be? The new Dual-Bulb Pastette 500 piece pack sizes are currently on Introductory Special Offer with a saving of 20%. Click on the company webpage link below to order online or quote offer code LV042 before 31st December 2013 to qualify for prices from as little as £12.80 for 500 pipettes.