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Complete range of Calbiochem® high quality detergents including  Bile Salts Detergent Adsorbents Detergent Kits Ionic Non-Detergent Sulfobetaines (NDSB) ...
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10x Phosphate Buffered Saline (161-0780)  

1 L, 10x PBS
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10x Tris/Glycine (161-0734)  

1 L, 10x premixed electrophoresis buffer
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ProteOn Manager™ Software (176-0200)  

Software for ProteOn XPR36 instrument control, experiment design, data collection, and analysis, CD–ROM, includes HASP key. ProteOn Manager software provides a single interface for...
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ProteOn™ GLC Sensor Chip (176-5011)  

One compact binding capacity, ProteOn XPR36 system chip for general amine coupling. Binding capacity of approximately one protein monolayer. Used with the ProteOn XPR36 protein...
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DELFIA Enhancer  

The DELFIA® Enhancer is a chelating detergent solution intended for in vitro use in the quantitative determination of terbium (Tb3+) and dysprosium (Dy3+) in dissociation-enhanced...
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