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TAdvanced Thermal Cycler – Perfectly Protected by the Advanced User Management Thermal Processes, Software18 Feb 2015Read
Essential PCR Setup and Thermoregulation Videos PCR Automation16 Feb 2015Read
SelectScience Announces New Reviewers’ Choice Awards6 Feb 2015Read
Affymetrix Expands Portfolio of Axiom Genotyping Arrays for Agrigenomics with New Offerings for Porcine and Equine Studies Agriculture, Genotyping12 Jan 2015Read
The 11 Most Popular Food and Beverage Downloads of 2014 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Pesticides, Quechers31 Dec 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Introduces the PCR setup NIMBUS: Easy PCR Setup Automation for Your Bench PCR Automation22 Oct 2014Read
DNA Barcoding: Fighting Fish Fraud Speciation, Food Adulteration, Real-Time PCR8 Oct 2014Read
Conference Program Targets the Industry’s Needs12 Sep 2014Read
Automated PCR-Setup for the Detection of Pathogens in the Food Sector: BIOTECON Diagnostics Gmbh and DORNIER-Ltf Gmbh Start Worldwide Sales Cooperation Food Safety, Food Testing1 Aug 2014Read
Eppendorf Introduces Two New Experts for Sample Preparation: ThermoMixer® F0.5 and F2.0 Thermal Processes18 Jul 2014Read

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