Pipeline Sequencing Software

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INVIEW™ Microbiome  

Highlights: 2 x 300bp paired-end sequencing, multiplexing of up 96 samples (Illumina). Full-length 16S gene sequencing, multiplexing of up to 10 samples (PacBio). ...
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INVIEW™ Human Exome  

Highlights: Fastest exome sequencing, starting from one sample Applicable for genomic DNA from various sources (tissue, cells, blood and FFPE sample) Special protocol...
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INVIEW™ Transcriptome  

Highlights: Highly standardised Scaled to fit any application and need Guaranteed output of read numbers per package INVIEW ™ stands for streamlined...
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Next Generation Sequencing Services  

PerkinElmer is a NGS service provider you can trust to deliver consistent, high quality next generation sequencing and bioinformatics. We believe that trust is earned, not given.
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INVIEW™ De novo Genome 2.0  

Highlights: Ideal for small genomes Highest N50 fewer and larger contigs Minimum number of mis-assemblies Extremely long reads The cuttinge-edge sequencing...
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INVIEW™ Epigenome  

Highlights: Study your methylome with high-end conversion rate (≤ 99,9%) on true base level resolution Applicable for all organisms with 5-methylcytosines with flexible...
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INVIEW™ Modification Analysis  

Highlights: Resolve strand-specific modifications at single-base resolution Simultaneous detection of sequence and epigenetic variants Hypothesis-free detection ...
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