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Biomedical Research Services - Virtual Tissue  

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Virtual tissues services for biomedical research features high fidelity tissue simulation and modelling to grow virtual tissue from a single cell, giving unprecedented insight into lineage...
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Agilent Drug Discovery Services: ADME  

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Agilent RapidFire High-throughput MS

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Experience Better Productivity and Save Resources Too RapidFire data correlates identically with traditional LC-MS/MS methods Analyses are performed at a 10+ fold increase in cycle...
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Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Reagents  

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The KeraFAST laboratory studies the structure, assembly, and pathogenesis of enveloped RNA viruses. These projects are focused on vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), a widely studied...
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Comet Assay IV - scoring system  
Perceptive Instruments

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Comet Assay IV's unique single-click scoring method and ultra-fast live video picture make it the most efficient and easy-to-use system available for measuring DNA damage using single...
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